• Sorting Out Absences
    There are three types of absences: 
    The good
    The bad
    The ugly

    However all absences count toward the 95% requirement!
    Good absences are absences that are for a reason within the rules.  These absences are classified as Excused because you have a Doctor's note that says "THIS STUDENT CAN NOT BE IN SCHOOL" or "WILL RETURN TO SCHOOL
    ON: ______ (with a date)".  A death in the family or  being in the hospital are also examples of excused absences.
    Bad absences are absences when you stay home because you don't feel good, you are tired, your clothes don't match..... These are classified as Unexcused. These types of reasons are not considered "excused" and students are expected to come to school anyway then seek help with the problem at school.
    Now for the ugly.  Ugly absences are also called cuts or truant absences because everyone who knows you thinks you are actually in school! 
    All absences count toward meeting or not meeting the 95%.  To maintain 95%, a student can ONLY MISS 8 DAYS IN A TOTAL SCHOOL YEAR!  If you have 5 excused absences because you were in the hospital, and 4 unexcused absences, you are not going to meet the 95%.  If you have 10 excused absences because you had surgery, you are not going to meet the 95%.
    This is why high school students have to be serious about attendance.  When you are not meeting the 95% requirement, all of the following may happen:
    • The student may be required to attend SATURDAY school to make up an absence.
    • The student may be required to complete hours after school to make up attendance.
    • The student will not be allowed to participate in activites including sports, dances, prom, grad night, graduation ceremony, and other extra-curriculars.
    • The student and parent/guardian will be invited to a School Attendance Review Board meeting and placed on a contract.
    • The student and parent/guardian may be invited to go to court for the Court Attendance Review process (in this process, the judge will fine parents up to $500.00 and may even place parents under arrest).
    The easiest action and best decision is to just come to school every day.  If you have a problem, talk to an adult to get help!