Mission Statement

    Our mission is to educate all students in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment which empowers them to become well rounded individuals who adhere to the Aztec HEART commitments:
    The mission of Farmersville High School is to educate all students in a safe, nurturing, and challenging environment that empowers students to become well rounded individuals who are prepared to achieve post high school college and career goals.  FHS will provide students with opportunities to demonstrate honesty, effectiveness, accountability, respect, and thoughtfulness in their pursuit of personal and academic goals- AZTECS have HEART! 


    • Gather and analyze information then make informed choices that improve the quality of life in our community.

    • Demonstrate original thought and high standards.

    • Demonstrate good character and civic responsibility.



    • Communicator who will be able to communicate ideas across cultures.

    • Use of technology to enhance learning.

    • Develop the skills necessary to be successful in future educational and career opportunities.


    • Student who sets goals for college and career then organizes a plan to achieve the goals.

    • Use effective strategies for setting priorities and goals.

    • Accept responsibility for your own behavior and actions.


    • And tolerant of individuals differences and demonstrates the ability to resolve conflicts.

    • Possess an awareness of cultural values, viewpoints, and belief systems other than your own.


    • Problem solver who can work effectively in a group to examine viable options and develop solutions to problems.

    • Create products that are quality, intellectual, artistic, and/or practical in nature.