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    Emergency Response Plan for Parents/Community

    FHS has a comprehensive and detailed emergency response plan that is detailed to address all emergency scenarios including lockdowns, earthquake, fire, bomb threat, imminent danger and evacuation. We have regular practice for drills to ensure that all staff and students are trained. Some components of our plans are confidential to protect student safety. For parents and the community, please follow these procedures in an emergency situation that renders the school inaccessible:

    1. In case of emergencies, please do not call the office or student cell phones as this could create additional danger on campus including hindering communication between school staff and emergency responders.

    2. Do not drive to the school and attempt to contact your child or talk to staff in an emergency situation. The emergency call out system will be used to communicate with parents/guardians including action to take and the nature of the emergency.

    2. As needed, Farmersville Police Department will establish a command center where parents can go to get information or make connect with their student. Please bring identification so that authorities can verify your identity.

    3. If FHS has a situation where evacuating students is necessary, parents will be contacted on where to report to connect with their student. We have a process in place to address this situation and will ask parents to be patient as each and every student must be accounted for.

    4. To report any threats or possible dangers, please call 594-4567.

    5. If you are on campus during any emergency, you are required by law to cooperate with school officials and follow procedures as directed including Lock Downs, evacuations and fire danger.

    6. At all times, parents can help by staying calm and allowing authorities to manage the crisis. We take student safety serious and appreciate your help in remaining as calm as possible during any crisis.



    Farmersville Police Department 747-0321

    Farmersville Fire Department 747-0791

    Farmersville Animal Control 747-0321

    Tulare County Sheriff’s Department 733-6211

    Tulare County Fire Department 734-7477

    Superintendent of County Schools 730-6300

    Kaweah Delta Hospital 625-2211

    Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) 1-800-743-5000

    National Weather Service 584-3752

    Poison Control 1-800-876-4766

    Child Protective Services 1-800-331-1585

    Domestic Violence Hotline 732-5941

    Suicide Prevention of Tulare County 1-800-320-1616

    Farmersville Unified School District 592-2010