•  We need your help!  

    95% Attendance is required for all Farmersville High School students. All absences, both excused and unexcused are counted to get the total days absent.  Attendance is critical for students and for our school.  In a regular school year, students can miss just 8 days and still meet the 95% requirement.  When a student is absent just one day, they miss 7 classes or 7 assignments!
    When a student is absent, the State of California does not pay the school for that day resulting in reduced revenue! A student who comes to school but leaves to go home sick isn’t docked for an absence.  If a student is home sick in the morning but comes to school later, they are not docked for an all day absence.  Students who do not meet the 95% requirement are assigned Saturday School to make up their absence.  Other consequences for not meeting the 95% requirement include:

    -Ineligible status for extra-curriculars (dances, athletics, events, activities including our graduation ceremony!

    -Saturday School Referral

    -School Attendance Review Board Referral

    -Court Attendance Review Referral

    Please help by insisting that your student come to school each and every day to maintain a 95% attendance rate. 

    We also need your help reporting student absences.  You can call 594-4567 to talk to the attendance clerk!  Thank your for helping your student be successful!
    Note: All FHS students are REQUIRED to maintain 95% attendance. If you need to make up days, make an appointment with your counselor or Mrs. Whitworth right away. In addition to Saturday Schools, we have some fun and exciting opportunities for making up hours.