• New Media Design

    Desktop Publishing is a comprehensive one-school-year length, intermediate to advanced-level course, centering on graphic design and computer graphics for the purpose of producing print media.  Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Bridge and Muse will be demonstrated. Students will learn specific features of software applications as they relate to a large spectrum of print and publication design which will prepare them for professional and/or college level work in the area of desktop publishing and/or graphic design.

     The curriculum is divided into segments that cover:

    •   graphics related terminology       
    •   printing and prepress terminology
    •   art and photograph scanning
    •   computerized/digital image manipulation
    •   basic, intermediate, and advanced principles of design
    •   graphic/visual communication
    •   preparing projects for print
    •   usage of various graphics measurements including grid systems
    •   typeface identification 
  • Daniel 1
    Daniel Benitez
    Desktop Publishing Teacher
    559.594.4567 ext. 124