• School Profile 2018-2019

    Deep Creek Academy (DCA) opened its doors in 1999; one year after the new comprehensive high school was established. It is now one of six schools serving student needs in the Farmersville Unified School District. Deep Creek Academy serves as the continuation high school for the district. It is located in the small rural community of Farmersville in Tulare County which is located in the central San Joaquin Valley, approximately 45 miles southwest of the metropolitan area of Fresno.

    Deep Creek Academy serves the alternative education/continuation high school needs for the district. We have three programs that serve our students. Our programs are customized to fit the various needs of our students. Within DCA we have a Main Program, Flex Program, and Independent Study. In both the Main & Flex Program students attend every day. The Main program is from 8:00am-11:45am. The Flex Program students attend from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Our Independent Study students attend on Fridays from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Collectively, these programs have the population of approximately seventy students served by two instructors. Vital support staff includes one full-time secretary, a part-time campus aide, an on-call school nurse and one shared custodian. The principal also serves the students as a counselor. The length of the school year is one hundred and eighty days.

    The current student population mirrors the community as a whole. 92% of the students are Hispanic and 8% are White/Non-Hispanic which includes Native American, African American or Asian. We have a small migrant population. Generally, students come to DCA as transfers from the comprehensive site-Farmersville High School. Students are referred and transferred for a variety of reasons, primarily for insufficient credits. This insufficiency may be the result of poor attendance, behavioral issues, social anxieties, parenthood, or late entry into the school program. In addition, parents who wish to place their students in a smaller school setting may request a transfer. In addition, the Juvenile Court may make referrals.

    All courses at DCA are taught through APEX Learning which is an online curriculum. APEX Learning contains CDE approved A-G courses, AP courses, CTE elective options, and some remediation courses. Each student is assigned courses based on needed requirements and interests. Students complete courses at their pace with the assistance of instructors. Students are provided one on one instruction and can be set in groups to address specific academic needs. Guest speakers, presenters, and workshops provide students with CTE and college exposure.

    Deep Creek Academy is WASC accredited. We provide students with quality education that fits their academic goals, at their pace, with a customized schedule to fit their unique needs. We strive to ensure that their specific goals are being met.