Registration Information

      *Enrollment is by referral through Farmersville High School
    For Students New to District:
    -Vaccination/immunization school 
    -Birth Certificate
     A Parent/Guardian must be present at the time of Registration
    • Students have access to their own computer and personal workspace
    • Students work at their own pace while having the ability to accelerate their studies & recover high school credits
    • Students who fulfill their credit requirements  graduate with a diploma

    "Here at DCA we expect our students to perform at the high standards that will prepare them for a life in the world after high school." 


Attendance Policy

  • Office Phone: 747-6205


    Compulsory attendance laws require us to verify reasons for all absences. Students who attend continuation high schools must spend at least 15 hours per week or three hours per day at school. (California Department of Education, 2018) Students are required to clear all absences within 24 hours. Parents may phone the office on the day of the absence or students may present a note to the Attendance Clerk on the day they return. Failure to clear an absence within 24 hours will result in the absence being marked until notice is provided. Uncleared absences are considered cuts and are treated as a truancy issue.  As a result of changes instate law, other absences may now be considered truant, as well, if they are persistent and without valid documentation. Please note the consequences of uncleared absences and cuts in the school discipline policy section.

    95% Attendance Expectation:

    Farmersville Unified School District has set a student attendance goal of 95%.  In keeping with this expectation, Farmersville High School requires students to maintain at least a 95% attendance each school year that a student is enrolled at FHS.  Failure to maintain a 95%attendance record may result in the loss of the following privileges:

    Eligibility for extra-curricular and/or Co-curricular activities which may include but is  not limited to the following;athletics, field trips, dances, Winter Formal, PROM, Grad Night and Graduation Ceremony. To be eligible for participation in extra-curricular or co-curricular activities, 95% attendance must be maintained.  An attendance rate below 95%in a grading period will result in the student being placed in Probationary Status.  If 95% Attendance is not attained in the next grading period, the student will be placed in Ineligible Status.  The student will remain in eligible until the 95% Attendance rate is attained.




    Number of Total Days Missed


    2011 and Beyond

    0 – 36

    Graduation Ceremony, Winter Formal, Prom, Grad Nite Athletics

    37, 38,39,40

    Graduation Ceremony, Prom

    41, 42, 43, 44

    Graduation Ceremony

    45 or More

    No Privileges


    Students can make up attendance deficiencies by attending Saturday Schools, Community Service and or After-School Tutorials.