My name is Connie Tejada
    I am the Community School Liaison at Hester Elementary. As your Community School Liaison, my job is to help students succeed. To do this, I like to keep a good relationship between the school staff, students, and parents. I have a good relationship with families and teachers.  I am able to translate for parents who do not speak English.  To strengthen the learning relationship between school-to-home, I oftentimes speak with teachers to find out how students are doing. I also provide students and their families with information of services they might need.

    I share information that will help support your need to find ways to resolve any issues or concerns that you might have to ensure your child’s academic and social success in school. I do home visits and arrange meetings online or by phone between you and your child’s teacher.

    At your request, I can accompany you to a parent conference or other important meetings at the school to help clarify information about your child or home situation. I work with our School Principal, Academic Coach, Administration, Teachers, Counselor, Health Aide, and our Attendance Clerk to ensure important information about your child. By working together, we can help students achieve at the highest levels.

     It would be a privilege to share information that will support you if you need to find ways to resolve any issues that you might encounter.

    Feel free to contact me at:
    (559) 594-5801 ext. 2109

    Monday through Friday
    9:30 AM to 2:30 PM