• Farmersville Unified Facts at a Glance  
    “Preparing students to be productive members of society and innovative leaders of tomorrow.”  

    The Farmersville Unified School District covers approximately four square miles and has a current K-12 enrollment of approximately 2,600.  In July 1993, the District unified; the doors to the first high school in Farmersville opened in fall of 1998. 

    There are six
      schools in the district: Hester Elementary is a K-1 (440 pupils) site with extended day Kindergarten program and Special Ed. Preschool;  Snowden School houses 425 students in grades two and three and is a QEIA site.  Freedom School opened in August 2004 with grades four & five and houses 371 pupils.  Farmersville Junior High School houses 611 students in grades six  through  eight and is a QEIA site.  The High School operates a 9-12 (659 students) comprehensive program.  Deep Creek Academy is a continuation school for 61 students and houses a small evening Adult Ed., TAPP, and Independent Studies programs.  There are 3 county-operated programs on FUSD sites: preschool,  community school, and special ed.  All sites offer after-school programs until 6:00 p.m.

    The ethnic composition of the District student population is 93% Hispanic and 6% white.  The free and reduced meal count average is approximately 85%.  Limited English proficiency students represent 40%; and the Migrant population represents 6%.  The District General Fund budget is about $22.5 million and employs 249 regular employees.  The distribution of employees is as follows: 10 administrators, 131 teachers, 8 pupil services, and 100 classified.

    Current curricular focus is literacy development and mathematics success.   100% of District teachers are authorized to teach English Language learners.   The District is a member of the TCOE BTSA program to support new teachers.            

    The District recently received $8.3 million for 3 site modernizations and a new wing at Freedom School and is undergoing construction for the next year.