TheClemmieGillSchoolof Science and Conservation

    SCICON is the outdoor school of science and conservation operated by the Tulare County Office of Education. It is located on 1100 acres above Springville. Last year, the school was visited by over 14,000 fifth- and sixth-grade students for a one-day or week-long experience in outdoor education, natural science and conservation. SCICON is a product of over 50 years of school and community involvement. Community support has enabled this state-of-the-art environmental education school to become a model for similar programs throughout the country. SCICON is host to its own natural history museum, raptor center, planetarium and observatory, and tree nursery.

    Questions and/or comments about SCICON may be addressed to:

    Rick Mitchell, SCICON Administrator
    P.O. Box 339,Springville,CA93265
    phone: (559) 539-2642
    fax: (559) 539-2643