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    The TCOE Employee Portal (E-Portal) is a self-service website that offers many benefits to employees:

    • It’s a fast way to access personal information. It takes less than a minute to access all of the following:
      • View and print current and prior period pay stubs;
      • See the latest absence information that has been updated by Payroll;
      • View and print your current and prior year W-2s;
      • Access documents and resources that your employer shares with you;
    • It’s secure. Personal information is secure and only accessible by you through the use of your unique User Name and Password.
    • It’s easy to access. Click here https://eportal.tcoe.org/ and log in with your User Name and Password. There is a simple one-step process to retrieve your User Name/Password information should you forget it.
    • It’s convenient. You can access the E-Portal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to get pay, time, and year-end payroll information. Electronic pay stubs are available on the E-Portal website before pay day, which means you can now access your pay information even faster than before.

    Access Instructions:

    The Tulare County Office of Education has been working diligently for many months to enhance security measures associated with the Tulare County Office of Education - Employee Portal.  With the new policies and procedures in place, the Portal is now available to all employees.  The Employee Portal will allow you to view and print current and prior pay stubs, provide access to W-2 information as well as absence information. 

    In order to register on the Employee Portal, each employee will need to have their EPortal PIN which will be issued by the Business Department.  Beginning January 3, 2017, you may contact Jason Kaff in person M-F 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. or call 559-592-2010.  Please be prepared to give your Full Name, Full Social Security Number and Birthdate in order to authenticate the request.  Once this information is verified your unique PIN will be issued.

    You may then access the portal by clicking the link above to begin the initial registration.


    1. Click on: “Click here to Register if you do not have an account” at the bottom of the screen.  Any previous registration is no longer valid.  This is the starting place for all employees.
    2. Employee will be required to enter verification date which will include: EPortal PIN, Social Security #, Date of Birth, Zip Code and Work District (Farmersville Unified School District).
    3. Employee will complete the registration fields to create an account….this will include a login name, password and three (3) security questions.
    4. Once these steps are completed, a verification e-mail will be sent from eportal@tcoe.org.
    5. Access your email and click on the link in the email to activate the Eportal account.
    6. Once activated, you may log into the Eportal. Please remember, in order to view check stubs and W-2 information, you must click on the button that states you agree to receive this information electronically.

    Video Links:

    New User Registration Process https://eportal.tcoe.org/videos/eportal-registration.mp4

    Retrieve User Name and Password Reset Process  https://eportal.tcoe.org/videos/eportal-retrieve-user-password-reset.mp4


    E-Portal Instructions for Employees  https://eportal.tcoe.org/documents/EPortal-Instructions-for-Employees.pdf