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About Us 
Farmersville High School is committed to excellence for all students and all programs. Last year, FHS was recognized with a Shining Star Award for exemplary student services. Along with high expectations, we are committed to providing student support so that all students experience success. 
Our Mission
The mission of Farmersville High School is to work with parents, students, and community members to ensure that each student succeeds and assumes a responsible role in society. Our vision statement is simple: "Commitment to Excellence". This is a unifying theme that we weave into our every day practice, policies and activities. In partnership with students, parents, staff, and our community, Farmersville High School is committed to:
  • Providing opportunities that allow students to be effective communicators.
  • Encouraging and enable students to be problem solvers.
  • Preparing students to be socially responsible community members.
  • Providing access to and experience with technology so that students can be technologically literate workers.
  • Promoting critical thinking in all students. 

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Aztec Commitment
     of the Week:
BE A PROBLEM SOLVER who applies knowledge and skills to solve problems both in and outside the classroom!
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Upcoming Events

Sept. 24 is a Collegial Day.  Students dismissed at 12:30!

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