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    Video Production 

    Video production is a comprehensive two-term course, centering on the creation of motion graphics and editing videos, utilizing (NLE) nonlinear editing computer workstations. 
    Students must be skilled in the use of Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Students will review Illustrator and Photoshop - upon successful completion of performance tests, students may receive introductory training in Adobe After Effects. 
    When tutorials in After Effects have been completed, and students exhibit beyond basic knowledge and skill, they will begin their training in Apple Final Cut Pro, video editing software. Students will complete scripts, storyboards, and log sheets for all projects during the course of the class. Students may be assigned to shoot video using one of the classesÕ digital camcorders. If students are enrolled in this class without a minimum intermediate skill level in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, then these software applications must be mastered first. 
    This two-term course will allow students to learn a wide range of the processes involved in producing and editing videos and creating motion graphics. As a class, we will view television shows, documentaries, feature films, and, trailers, in part or in whole. We will also view and evaluate student work in relation to professional productions. 
    A variety of projects will be assigned which will require creative problem solving relative to digital graphic imagery, motion graphics and video editing/production. Additionally, basic lighting techniques, camera use, use of peripheral equipment, such as dollies, microphones, green screen, and, terminology as well as other related phases of pre-production, production and post-production will be covered. 
    Students may opt to produce work for local student film competitions. Because of the vast subject area, this class may be repeated. Software packages are as follows:
    Creating storyboards and video clip logs: Adobe InDesign
    Creating graphics for video and/or animation: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop
    Creating 2D motion graphics/compositing: Adobe After Effects 
    Editing vide Apple Final Cut Pro
    Additionally, job-preparedness and industry standards/expectations will be addressed. 
    Prerequisite Desktop Publishing (minimum) or Video Production.