• 2018-19
    Wellness Committee Meeting Dates

    “All Parents Interested in Participating
    on the Wellness Council are Invited to Attend"

     Time: 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m.
    Location: Farmersville District Office, Board Room
    571 E. Citrus Drive Farmersville CA 93223

    Thursday - October 11, 2018
    Tuesday - November 6, 2018
    Thursday - February 14, 2019
    Thursday - March 28, 2019


    Farmersville Unified School District Nutrition & Wellness Policy


Wellness Committee Meeting Agendas

Wellness Committee Meeting Minutes

Wellness Committee Members

  • James Lohry, Director of Food Services

    Jessica Fierro, Cafeteria Manager

    Alma Cuevas, After School Program Liaison

    Lupe Perez, Hester Principal

    Alberto Corrales, Freedom Assistant Principal

    Mary Mills, Freedom Teacher (4th Grade)

    Kirk Ray, Freedom PE Teacher

    Angelica Rogers, District Nurse

    *Teresa Spicer, MPH University of California

    *Grilda Gomez, N.E. University of California 

    *Robin Cooper, Tulare County Office of Education

    * Oscar Cisneros, Community Health Representative (FHCN)

    Randy DeGraw, Superintendent

    Dr. Paul Sevillano, Assistant Superintendent

    Karla Frausto-Hernandez, Farmersville High School Student   

    Veronica Fernandez, Parent (Hester)

Wellness Committee Forms